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What is Elenex Brand? Premium undergarments with a purpose.


Our mission is simple - for every garment SOLD we will DONATE a garment to help someone in need. Our focus is and always will be to make quality products. We believe everyone has the right to clean undergarments.


Our products are sold right here on our website and will ship directly to you! We offer two premium undergarment collections - Elevate and Classic series. The Elevate series is a graphic based collection inspired by Visionary artists that add a unique appeal. We will be working with many artists to always bring something fresh and exciting. Our Elevate series undergarments are made from 92% polyester and 5% spandex - made to absorb sweat and repel bacteria, and our Classic series undergarments are made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex - both light weight with a wide tag-less waistband and 7 inch inseam that keeps them from rolling up.

Thank you for your business and support (literally) of those in need in the United States and across the world!

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