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Passion girl deck
  • Passion girl deck

    SKU: E1021


    • Elevate P1 Construction 
    • 7 Plies of Premium Canadian Maple
    • Made With Only 1st Grade Premium Wood
    • Less Glue = More Pop
    • passion girl graphic on assorted stain colors

    8.0" Wide

    • 31.75" Long
    • 7" Nose
    • 6.375" Tail
    • 14.25" Wheelbase

    8.25" Wide

    • 32.125" Long
    • 7.125" Nose
    • 6.5" Tail
    • 14.25" Wheelbase

    8.5" Wide

    • 32.125" Long
    • 7.125" Nose
    • 6.5" Tail
    • 14.25" Wheelbase
    • Elenex Deck Profile

      Elenex Skateboards are made in our own factory using many of the same production methods used to make the best skateboard decks in the world, like Finesse Skateboards. This makes for a deck that may cost less but is produced to a far higher standard than everything else in the Price-Point category.


      Elenex Skateboards feature 100% Canadian Maple veneers that are cut from logs onsite. This ensures that there is complete control of the production from log to finished deck. The decks are pressed in single deck molds using "tough glue." The single deck press ensures every single deck is 100% identical. The result is a quality 7 ply deck that is a superior standard to 90% of the pro decks on the market but priced perfectly for the skater on a budget.

    • color stain veneer colors

      Passion deck is  available in assorted colors,  These colors are limited  and come in assorted colors from our woodshop.  Please ad  the color you  would like in checkout tab. We will sub color if the color you choose is not availabe.

    • Deck colors







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