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Conquer deck
  • Conquer deck

    SKU: ECOM103


    • Elevate P1 Construction "Cold Pressed"  hi
    • 7 Plies of Premium Canadian Maple
    • Made With Only 1st Grade Premium Wood
    • Less Glue = More Pop
    • medium concave with elevate construction assorted stain deck colors
    • deck colors can be added in notes when you checkout. If colors not availble we will subsitute another color.

    8.0" Wide

    • 31.75" Long
    • 7" Nose
    • 6.375" Tail
    • 14.25" Wheelbase

    8.25" Wide

    • 32.125" Long
    • 7.125" Nose
    • 6.5" Tail
    • 14.25" Wheelbase
    • deck veneer colors

      Deck stain come in assorted stain colors from our wood supplier and we choose the colors that are available . These colors are blue,yellow,green,purple,red, grey   if the color you choose in the check is   not available we will choose another available color.

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